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Honoured Members

The South East Region has decided that it would like to acknowledge the contribution of members who have given exceptional service to Handbell ringing in the South East Region. The committee has prepared guidlines to show how to go about nominating someone for an "Honoured Member" award. If you know of someone who should be awarded in this way, please read the guidlines and contact the South East Region Committee. Please click here: Honoured Member Guidlines

Bells to Borrow

The South East Region has sets of bells, chimes and "Belleplates" that are available to members to borrow, for up to a year.

A 12 note set of chimes (no accidentals), 2 octaves of "Belleplates" with accidentals, and 2 octaves of "Schulmerich" bells with accidentals are available.

Please apply to the secretary, Sandra Winter, # if you wish to borrow any of these. You will be asked to pay for the insurance, but there is no other fee. We also ask that the bells are made available for regional events.